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Top 6 Voluum Alternatives For Affiliate Marketers?

If you’ve been searching for a way to analyze and manage your marketing campaigns, then Voluum is the tool for you! This blog post will outline some of the features that make Voluum stand out from other analytics tools. Voluum is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps marketers plan, analyze and optimize their campaigns.

So, you’ve heard about Voluum and how it’s going to revolutionize your marketing efforts. You’re looking for a way to try out the software before making a decision on whether or not it will work for you. Well, don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of five free alternatives that are just as powerful.

Check them out below.

1. BeMob

Voluum Alternatives

First in the list of Voluum alternatives is BeMob. Just like Voluum, BeMob is the best way to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns. Never again will you have to deal with managing a disorganized spreadsheet that has all of your ads data and analysis within it! BeMob takes care of everything for you, no need to worry about whether or not affiliates are logging in under different aliases on various days and falsifying their commissions at the end of each month.

Be Mob is an easy-to-use management software designed specifically for individuals who work as online marketers looking promote businesses through programs like Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, Bing Ads Partner Program among others. It’s perfect if this type of individual wants peace without worrying about forgetting any steps throughout his/her day since they can access information from one location.

Features of BeMob:

  1. Get intuitive support with easy analysis.
  2. The best opportunity for marketers
  3. Involve different platforms in BeMob
  4. Easy to manage
  5. Cheap and reasonable for both beginners and experts.


Voluum Alternatives is a next-generation marketing tool that makes it possible for experts to track their affiliate and performance campaigns with ease from anywhere in the world, even on mobile devices! It also offers features designed specifically for beginners who are just getting started as well as those new to this field – so you can find success no matter your level of experience or knowledge about what works best! is one of the great Voluum alternatives out there today because all businesses need advanced prerequisites. Just like these ones when they’re running large scale advertising efforts across many different platforms at once. With its easy interface, anyone can start using RedTrack right away whether you’re an expert.

RedTrack has got your back! It helps you in performance marketing and sales executive developed a website to make the experience of running campaigns and analyzing campaign results a bit easier and more fun. With real-time tracking with machine learning predictive analytics, smart segmentation so you don’t have to waste time on data crunching, detailed automated influencer identification for easy targeting.

Features of

  1. Manage and optimize all channels and platforms.
  2. Analyze real-time reporting and data.
  3. Attribute every conversion event with ease.
  4. Sharing results and collaboration are amazing.
  5. 14 days free trial.

3. Affise

Voluum Alternatives

Affise is a revolutionary, partnership marketing platform that allows brands to automate and scale their partner relations using all possible performance channels. With the synergy of technology and experienced professionals, you can manage any partnerships in an efficient way. While still having them be predictable revenue streams for your company.

Affise makes advertisements manageable and revenue predictable. They are a partnership marketing platform for brands, advertisers and agencies to automate their partner relations via all possible performance marketing channels. Be it traditional affiliates or influencers such as bloggers or social media stars who have large followings on platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

It works on networks that promote affiliate programs in various industries including fashion, travel & hospitality clothing etc. Advertising agency partners involved with strategy development of clients’ digital ad campaigns. Affise has everything you need. Therefore, amazing Voluum alternatives.

Features of Affise:

  1. Very supportive and helpful for marketers.
  2. Real-time optimization.
  3. Amazing API with excellent features.
  4. Smooth migration made easy.
  5. Helps you control the budget.

4. Binom

Voluum Alternatives

Binom is a software that runs on your server and provides detailed analytics for marketers. It’s self-hosted, so you can get it set up any way you want! Binom has all the customization flexibility of other trackers with the added advantage of speed – reports are built in seconds rather than hours or days like competitors’. Plus, free SSL certificates come included too!

It was created by a team of professionals who know how to make their customers happy and they’ve done it again with this program! What makes them so different from other trackers? Well, for starters, the customer service is lightning fast when you need help setting up your account or getting any questions answered quickly.

Features of Binom:

  1. Known for conversion tracking
  2. Best for affiliate marketers and media buyers.
  3. Multi-user capability is also allowed.
  4. Best for landing constructor.
  5. Tracking media is perfect for profitability.

5. ClickMagick

Voluum Alternatives

ClickMagick is the best affiliate tracking software in the industry with its robust and variable features. This click tracking tool allows you to track your campaigns for free, as well as keep an eye on their performance. It also takes care of various factors such as testing different payment methods or prices points. So, that it can recommend which ones are most effective based on analytics from all over the web!

You can test different price points to see which one generates better revenue; use various payment methods if that’s what will drive sales up; customize page design to make sure prospects are enticed even more – Click Magick has got you covered on every single detail so there isn’t anything else holding back from generating higher profits than ever before.

Features of ClickMagick:

  1. Accurate measurement of your campaign performance.
  2. Fully customized metrics.
  3. Track market efforts, trends, and performance.
  4. Monitor clicks and CRM made easy.
  5. Custom tracking domains with no limit.

6. LinkTrackr

Voluum Alternatives

This one may be a little different from the rest of the Voluum alternatives. However, it deserves to be on this list. Read on why. LinkTrackr is a trustworthy link cloaking service that helps you to create, cloak or break links in no time and at the same place. It also has many add-on features so it’s easy for even beginners to use this simple product!

LinkTrackr is an innovative product that allows internet marketers to create, break and cloak links from anywhere in the world. The service also has many add-on features for more efficient marketing campaigns.

Have you ever tried to explain what a cloaking service is? The answer, usually not. But now that LinkTrackr has come out, the days of explaining are over! You can create and cloak links in one place with this product. That’s just one more thing off your plate when it comes to internet marketing strategy- thank goodness for small miracles like LinkTrackr!

Features of LinkTrackr:

  1. Shows you an instant display of clicks.
  2. It has a well-organized setup.
  3. Get your 30-day free trial.
  4. It has the capabilities to hide links.
  5. The most important part is conversions.


With so many options and integrations to choose from, it can be hard deciding which Voluum alternatives are best for your needs. To make the decision process easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite alternatives below. All you have to do now is figure out what service suits you best! If this was helpful information then let us know by commenting on the post or sharing it with friends who may find it useful too.