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Tapfiliate Alternatives: 6 Best Tools for Marketers

We’re all looking for new ways to grow our business and earn more money. With the ever-changing world of affiliate marketing, it can be difficult to find a strategy that works best for you. So, in this blog post, we’ll go over five different Tapfiliate alternatives that might work better for your needs!

Tapfiliate is an easy-to-use, cost-effective customer program software that features a complete set of basic tools and services all in one place. With friendly support from the Tapfiliate team at your fingertips. You are able to make adjustments quickly with help from their dedicated staff members. Besides, they listen intently for feedback on how they can improve our product.

So, Let’s see what all Tapfiliate alternatives do we have. Read on.


Tapfiliate Alternatives

Bemob is a new marketing tool that has gained popularity for offering two versions, one free and one paid. In addition to helping you track ads by targeting audiences better than the competition, it also helps create strategies so your business can grow faster.

Bemob is the perfect tool for media buyers, affiliates, and performance marketers. Whether you like to manage or self-host your data syncing solution, Bemob has a plan that’s right for you. With its free version available it can turn into an amazing way of targeting audiences with better revenue generation in no time at all!

Features of BeMob:

  1. Easy traffic tracking and system distribution
  2. Works with advanced data system
  3. Beginner friendly and easy to use.
  4. Has a secure cloud system
  5. Reasonable pricing


Tapfiliate Alternatives

Binom is a software which has been designed to help you manage your affiliate marketing campaigns, click paths and more. The software also saves time as it makes life easier with its easy-to-use interface. Something that leads to less wasted hours of time trying out different features in the system!

Binom is a self-hosted tracker that has been designed to help manage affiliate marketing paths like clicks, campaigns, costs, sales and more. Besides, this software helps you save time since its convenient interface does not lead to any lost time thanks to the many features it provides for your convenience.

Features of Binom:

  1. Distributes role in over 20 metrics.
  2. Easy monitoring and enables SMS notification system
  3. Seamless work without any load.
  4. Works with powerful testing.
  5. Click processing works powerfully.

Tapfiliate Alternatives

The platform makes it easy for affiliates and media buying teams around the world to track data on ROI, including affiliate marketing tracker as well as for analytics that helps understand how your campaign is performing from a global perspective with all of the different modes available.

Internationally recognized affiliate marketing platform is the leading company in this field with a mission to help affiliates and media buying teams around the world increase their ROI through powerful tools like Affiliate Marketing Tracker & Analytics Platform that helps understand campaigns, optimize conversion rates, and measure results for higher profits.

The service offers data deployment modes such as Cloud which enables real-time updates on all devices from anywhere at any time. SaaS (Software As A Service) is deployed across any device of choice including desktop computers or smartphones. Moreover, web where users can manage every aspect of analytics without even logging into the site’s dashboard!

Features of

  1. You can enjoy cloud, web, and web based services.
  2. Amazing fraud detection service
  3. It has this white label reporting portal.
  4. You can have more than 150 one-click integration
  5. Password management and accessment management is easy


Tapfiliate Alternatives

Voluum is a cloud-based ad tracker that makes tracking, optimizing, and automating campaigns easy. The product allows marketers to maximize the ROI of their advertising with just one click!

Voluum is an innovative new software designed for affiliate marketing professionals who want to track ads more efficiently across media channels like Google, Facebook or Twitter. Unlike other products on the market today which require you to input data manually into each campaign in order optimize your performance and upsell customers through various channels.

Voluum offers users real time analytics right at their fingertips so they can make informed decisions about how else they could improve conversions by targeting specific audiences using keywords from search engine queries as well as popular social networks such as Pinterest or YouTube.

Features of Voluum:

  1. Easy to manage affiliate dashboard
  2. Mobile interface makes it a lot easier
  3. Amazing modes of tracking
  4. Landing page and record protection is priority
  5. Real time results and optimization


Tapfiliate Alternatives

Affise is a partnership marketing platform for brands, advertisers and agencies to automate and scale their partner relations. They do it via all possible performance marketing channels: traditional affiliates, influencers, networks.

The synergy of technology with the long-standing experience allows Affise’s clients to make partnerships manageable and revenue predictable in any form. However, Be it traditional affiliates or an agency seeking new business opportunities are just two examples that benefit from this automation.

Affise is a revolutionary platform for brands, advertisers and agencies to effectively manage partnerships with all possible performance marketing channels. With the power of technology combined with their long-standing experience in this industry, Affise has helped many clients make reliable partnerships. Therefore, it is manageable and revenue predictable.

Features of Affise:

  1. Controls your budget
  2. 24/7 support
  3. Provide personalized customization of systems
  4. Data breakdown comparison more than 50
  5. Plus, Perform with eCom, affiliate, performance, marketers and more.


Tapfiliate Alternatives

Scaleo is a fully-managed, AI based software for affiliate marketers who want to track and optimize their campaigns in real time. It allows you to find the best times your campaign converts by cutting out fraudulent traffic sources. Even while you are focusing on quality conversions from trusted partners with Scaleo’s integration technology that pairs seamlessly with other 3rd party technologies.

Scaleo is your one-stop solution for affiliate marketing success. With cutting edge AI technology, Scaleo can help you track and analyze in real-time the best time to promote your business or campaign. Also, which traffic sources are converting into quality conversions. Scaleo integrates with any 3rd party tools that you need so all of this information will be at your fingertips when it’s needed most!

Features of Scaleo:

  1. Perfect for brand advertisement
  2. For affiliates, there is white-label solution
  3. Easy management on every single clip.
  4. Track all your campaigns at one spot
  5. Also, Helps you analyze data with actionable insights.


Tapfiliate is a great way to get started with ad marketing, but if you’re looking for Tapfiliate alternatives that offer even more features and benefits than the original, take a look at these 6 options.

In addition to an easy-to-use dashboard and reasonable pricing plans, each of these platforms offers different things like beginner friendly campaigns or easy tracking capabilities.

So, The decision on which platform best suits your needs will come down to what you want out of your campaign.