Best Similarweb Alternatives in 2020 to Spy on Competitors

‘Revenue and Growth’, every small or big business success stories revolve around these two words. Being an Internet Marketer, there are a lot of things out there to keep an eye on. Making own identity in the market is what every marketer craves for. But is this that easy?

No. Increasing sales volume or maximizing your profits is undoubtedly a rock of stones. The reason being, you are not standing alone. There is always a rivalry between companies who are constantly trying to reach heights in their industries. Having said that, I would like to discuss something that can help you out to stand clear of the crowd.

Guys, I am talking about Similarweb Tools. With Similarweb, you can easily track the traffic on your own websites and even others’. Finding out or revealing your competitor’s business analytics is not an obstacle anymore.

quick overview of any websites traffic in similarweb

But let’s first see what Similarweb does for us. It is not just a traffic estimator but more than that.

It is a great help when it comes to spying on your competitors and finding what’s working for them. You get a close estimation of the site traffic and the source of that traffic as well. Top keywords any website ranks for and the subdomain attracting most of the traffic are also there in the Similarweb features.

You get a quick overview of the traffic any website is having.

It gives you enough insights to make a media-buying decision. You get answers to very crucial questions like – Whether to buy some ad space on a particular website or not, is that website worth advertising on and lot more.

You can also make decisions in your PPC marketing, Advertising and influencer marketing based on the insights given by Similarweb.

The Similarweb story does not end here. The above-said features are the ones you get for free while an ocean of premium marketing tools is waiting for you behind those currency signs.

The top 10 Similarweb alternatives are:

The audience usually searches the simplest keywords. Thus, they play with easy to find keywords to gain more and more traffic. Checking the health of your website leads to find out your business performance. So, opting for SEMrush will be a wise decision.

SEMrush comes with amazing features for you to facilitate your competitor research.

You can easily compare the traffic of 5 domains and analyze each of them to see where you can work on SEO or content to get more traffic and ultimately bring more sales for your product.

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All 5 toolkits have amazing features inside to help you perform best in your marketing role; whether it is PPC marketing, SEO execution, or Product marketing.

SiteProfiler is one of the top SEO and competitive analysis tools. Developed and offered by Mangools which is a well-known brand in the SEO industry. You may find it a new name because the most-popular one by Mangools is KWfinder and I am sure you’ve already heard of it.

SiteProfiler is a great alternative to similarweb as it is not only affordable but also very accurate; just like Similarweb.
alexa vs similarweb - alexa is the top similarweb alternative in 2020

Alexa is best for the users as it shows absolute analytical insights. Exceptional marketing strategies can be seen to allure traffic to your websites. To use Alexa, you can begin with a one-week free trial today.

Here, as we talk about competitive intelligence in the whole list, Alexa is one of the top competitor to Simiarweb. It offers you with the data analytics that matter to you.

See business insights of your own business as well as get to know what keywords your competitors are using. Analyse your rivals’ budget and strategies. The top-notch companies tied with BuiltWith are Google, Adobe, Facebook, Amazon,eBay, and Paypal.

You can have a detailed overview of the technology any website is using. For example, you can see whether a website is using WordPress or Joomla. This helps you find out your competitor’s landing page technology.


This Quantcast tool was founded in 2006 and it is trusted by amazing brands like McDonald’s, Citibank, Toyota etc. Effective data measurements are now not too tough as they provide you with the most efficient stats.

Real-time analysis of your prospects(website users) is what the modern advertisers can make use of. It adds a lot to understand the customer/audience behavior and the market trend can be defined by this.

In the era where most of the advertisers/brands are using AI to market their products, Quantcast survives because they have the best product that gives you not only the overview and insights of your traffic but also provides you with analysis of audience behavior with their AI technology.

This is a very much suitable tool for automatically knowing what keywords your opponent is using for ranking purposes. Just click on their ‘Organic Keyword’ section. Boost your revenue with Ahrefs without waiting for anything else.

Ahrefs was initially a tool that was used highly for SEO executives only. But the time has changed and even media buyers, performance marketers and good affiliates are using it to tap an eye on the competition. Just like Similarweb, you can see the amount of traffic, organic keywords, backlinks and traffic source a website has. You can simply put any domain into the search and get the big picture in front of you.

They uncover complete reports of the similar sites as of yours. This tool is free and shows the minutest algorithm related to a website like user surfing behavior, web structure and analytical details.

Maybe you can find even more alternatives of Similarweb on and also find Similarsites as one of those alternatives. 😛

In order to deliver the best outcome from a business, various publishers, agencies and brand owners require innovative ideas somewhere. For this, prospecting platform like Mattermark can prove to be beneficent. Their charges vary from $49 per month to $500 per month.

Get your business listed across the globe with Moz local. For every small and large company, they work the hardest and eventually provide you with some reliable audiences. However, for checking others’ reports, first, you need to add a new campaign with the competitor’s URL and then entering keywords manually.


10. Comscore

They follow all intelligent optimization process for the monitoring of data and its acquisition organically. Their plan cost start from $99 monthly and goes higher. Mobile app developers rely on this tool for a better global app economy.

11. SensorTower

Comscore is a leader platform having clients in more than 70 countries. They are admirable because of their promising technology and precision. Users can set a benchmark by using this tool by evaluating companies in the market and empowering better investments.

Similarweb Alternatives

Did we find the best Similarweb alternative?

Audience analysis tool is very necessary not only for the webmasters but also for advertisers to make their advertising decision firm and solid. And when the data goes public, the market becomes transparent. So, these tool helps a lot in keeping the internet transparent too while respecting everyone’s privacy.

In the number of Similarweb alternatives available online, we’ve listed these top alternatives to Similarweb. So, share this with someone and make it reach more looking for this.

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