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RedTrack Alternatives: Best Tools for Tracking

Do you want to learn how to find the best RedTrack alternatives? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be able to see all of your options and then make a decision on which one is best for you. I’m going to show you some red track alternative that are high quality and have good reviews from other people who use them. If you’re looking for something different than this post has what it takes!

The RedTrack is an infamously known program that has been around for quite some time, but it’s basically a scam. It claims to be the ad campaign tool out there, but we know better. There are plenty of other programs that do the same thing as RedTrack does and they don’t cost nearly as much! You can find all these great alternatives on our list below.

What is RedTrack?

RedTrack is a one-stop solution for marketers to manage their media buying activities. From finding the best offers across different channels and networks to monitoring performance. Imagine that!

RedTrack is a powerful all in one platform that consolidates all of your media buying needs. You can easily auto optimize and check real time alerts with Red Track’s industry-leading ad tracking software. This tool is trusted by companies from 107 countries around the world to increase efficiency and revenue for their business. With its unlimited free trial, there has never been a better opportunity to try this revolutionary system today!

Now, Let’s see what all RedTrack alternatives do we have. Read on.


RedTrack Alternatives

BeMob is a real-time, data reporting software that helps users to analyze and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns in order to boost ROI. The safe tracking software keeps all data saved on cloud servers so there’s no need for extra hardware or server space.

With 11 Amazon datacenters placed worldwide ̶ which are automatically updated by BeMob staff members without any input from clients – ensures fastest redirects for customers while using mobile traffic analysis tools as well as providing an instant update on new information that appears in reports when needed.

BeMob is the most comprehensive user data in reports. The email notification feature helps users to be aware of all changes, preventing any possible loss that could occur due to advertisements. It also allows you set manual filters and detect bot traffic with a variety of parameters such as IP addresses.

Features of BeMob:

  1. Multi support systems
  2. They give you smart links.
  3. Real-time tracking is amazing
  4. Performance analytics is their thing
  5. Fabulous data retention.


RedTrack Alternatives

Binom, an affiliate marketing program that features all the tools beginners and experts need to make a profit. This tool offers ROI tracking with their Tracker feature so you know how well your campaign is doing at any given moment in time.

When it comes to privacy you want the best. It is a self-hosted tracker that can provide this for your needs as they offer help with every step of the process. Besides, even pick up servers for installation if needed on their own remotely at no extra cost!

Binom offers one of the most secure ways to host using high speed bandwidth. It means less lag time, more rewards in mining pools, and quicker download speeds. Also, helping customers through all steps including picking up servers.

Features of Binom:

  1. Get a thorough innovative traffic report
  2. Analysis made simple via reports.
  3. Super speedy work and data submission.
  4. Campaign optimization is really quick.
  5. For better ROI, get a survey for your traffic.


redtrack alternatives

Tapfiliate is a cloud-based referral tracking software that enables you to create, track and optimize your own affiliate or referral programs. The all-in one turnkey solution comes with 30+ integrations including Zapier, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace among others.

Tapfiliate supports multiple languages and currencies so it can serve as the best global campaign for affiliates of different countries around the world. You also have customization options when branding your links by adding custom images like logos on top of them before sending out emails in order to make things more interesting for recipients!

TapFiliate is an all-inclusive marketing platform built specifically for those looking to engage other people on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter by offering incentives like cash

Features of Tapfiliate:

  1. This is value for money
  2. Easy set-up and integration
  3. It motivate your to create amazing links
  4. Versatality is what they take care of.
  5. Worldclass customer services.

Post Affiliate Pro

RedTrack Alternatives

Post Affiliate Pro is the first software that makes running an affiliate program as easy and convenient for you, as it has been to your affiliates. With a quick glance at our Merchant panel or their own linked-in profile in the system’s intuitive dashboard, they can get all of their stats on promotion materials sent out so far and manage them before sending any more emails with no hassle whatsoever!

We will also automate ROI tracking – calculating what percentage of clicks resulted from each website advert we’ve done over time; giving us greater access than ever before to see how well different campaigns have worked for us too.

Post Affiliate Pro is the ultimate affiliate software. It allows you to manage your entire program from top to bottom, including access to Merchant and affiliates panels for stats tracking. Post Affiliate Pro also automates all of these tasks so that it’s easy as pie!

Features of Post Affiliate Pro:

  1. Works on multiple devices
  2. Helps desk is open 24/7
  3. They offer online training for better results
  4. Referral management is up to the mark.
  5. They support multi channel marketing.


RedTrack Alternatives

Scaleo is a game-changing software that does everything you need to analyze and optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns. You can use it for both networks as well as individual businesses, or even media buyers looking to maximize conversions on their own content. Scaleo uses cutting edge AI technology designed specifically with affiliates in mind – forget about manual data entry!

It’s easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for the most experienced marketers too, so whether you’re just starting out or an old pro who needs better insights into what works best at different times of day/weekend/month, this will have something new and exciting waiting inside every time.

Advertisers, media buyers and networks can now easily launch their own affiliate program with Scaleo. Media companies that use this platform will have the ability to track every single action of its partners’ traffic across devices- giving them a clearer insight into ROI than ever before.

Scaleo offers advertisers, media buyers and networks an easier way to set up their own affiliate program while also providing analytics on how well they are performing in driving conversions for partner businesses.

Features of Scaleo:

  1. Affiliate management is amazing
  2. They offer banner management
  3. Fraud detection is top-notch
  4. They support Multi-level marketing
  5. You can totally trust commission management.


RedTrack Alternatives

Affise is a new partnership management platform that seamlessly integrates with all possible performance-based marketing channels. With the integration of AI and experience, Affise makes it simple to create relationships in any industry within minutes instead of weeks.

Stats in Affise are really easy to interpret and change from one view to the other. By doing just one click you can have a complete different viewpoint, insights, and time effectiveness.

Affife seems like a game-changer on the marketplace of advertisement tools because not only does their program have low or no click costs but they also offer conversion rates as well in order to give you feedback from your campaigns over time so that you can make better decisions.

Features of Affise:

  1. They offer custom traffic and Event Tracking
  2. API support with complete assistance
  3. You get referral reward
  4. They track custom domain
  5. Pixels and postback control is their thing.


We’ve come up with six alternatives to RedTrack that should help you make the best of your campaign tracking. Whether it’s easy, beginner-friendly, has an easy dashboard or a reasonable price – we have what you need! Spend some time figuring out exactly what you want and get the perfect match for your business. What are your favorite marketing tools? Which one do you think is better than all others?