Popunder ads Case Study on Adsterra - 196% ROI

  • Traffic source: Adsterra Popunder
  • Offer: Adult Cams
  • Campaign period: 21.10.2019 – 27.10.2019
  • GEO: AT, DE, CH
  • Total spent: $165.3
  • Total revenue: $490
  • Net profit: $324.7
  • ROI: 196%

Hi everyone!  

In today’s case study you’ll find: an adult offer, cams, hot pre-landing pages, and high ROI. Let’s dive in!

Choosing GEO and traffic source

For this case study, I was, as usual, using my favorite popunders. This time I decided to send traffic to adult cams as I found several hot offers that picked my interest. I chose to work with Adsterra because they have a lot of good adult traffic.

I chose the GEOs that were recommended for this offer: AT, DE, CH.

Offer selection

As for the offer, I’ve chosen adult cams. The main difficulty is that they are practically DOIs – and this offer is no exception.

In my case, the payment terms were as follows:

Conversion flow: CPS
1) Charged $1 trial (conversion fired)
2) Charged 9.99$ after 24h

When working with cams, we have to do our best to make the best fitting creatives and choose the most accurate targeting. It is also essential to remember that our leads will be wasted if users don’t communicate with the girls and/or tip them. 

Let’s get started!

Screenshot of the final landing page:

adsterra case study landing page

The strategy

I have to warn you that there are a lot of strong affiliates working with Adsterra. They always try to squeeze out as much traffic as possible to their offers. Due to this fact, it is especially important to learn as much as you can about the potential competition and the barriers to entry – your manager will be able to provide you with all this information, so don’t hesitate to contact them!

After you get all this info, take your time to study it and make an informed decision. The best way to approach this would be to follow the same strategy I did: conduct several split tests to determine how profitable your chosen offer is. Tests can help to lessen the risk of you losing money.

After doing my research and carrying out tests, I settled on a bid of $3.38.

Remember that it is important for us to get the first impression on our pops. In this case, the probability of conversion will be much higher.

Pre-landing pages

The quality of your pre-landing pages (pre-landers) will play a big part in whether your campaign will be a success or a failure. When it comes to popunder pre-landers, I always let my imagination run wild. Get your creative juices flowing! It just so happens that I follow several Telegram channels that post pictures of beautiful women. Scrolling through them inspired me to create a poll pre-lander that I thought would work really well with my chosen offer.

If you don’t want to make your own pre-lander, you can use one offered by the direct advertiser. Affiliate networks usually provide them at your request (if they have any, of course).

You can also try to use video pre-landers with some interactive features. I’ve seen such pre-landers a couple of times on some well-known websites. Users are shown a pre-recorded video of a girl and are given a list of possible responses, letting them decide what happens next. After they interact with the video a few times, the registration process begins. Pre-landers like these work really well. The number of conversions in test campaigns speaks for itself 🙂

I’ve knocked together a few pre-landers, using videos I recorded on BongaCams using Bandicams. Remember to make sure that no platform names are visible anywhere, or else you might get in trouble with other advertisers.

I’ve chosen the following pre-landers:

adsterra case study landing page

prelander 2

Here’s your usual reminder to use alerts and sounds in your pre-landers, as they greatly increase conversion chance.

When buying a domain, remember to avoid names that only contain numbers or look weird. Suspicious domains can turn some users off, so try to buy ones that are at least somewhat related to your chosen offer.


Step 1 (Blacklist placements)

After the first test results came in, I blacklisted several websites that dragged the campaign down, and it helped immensely. It is also important to do some revision as we approach the middle of the campaign, as some placements may waste a lot of traffic and have poor conversion rate, so they need to be cut off. 

Step 2 (Pre-landers rotation)

When it comes to adult offers it is essential to change your pre-landers. The goal is to reach as broad an audience as possible – this can be achieved by rotating our pre-landers. The majority of new registrations happened after I added interactive video pre-landers, which I’ve already talked about above.

Post optimization

I had the following targets: a target for all operating systems, a target for all traffic (adult + mainstream), all carriers, and all browsers.

Here is the final targeting set:

adsterra ss


Screenshot from Adsterra

ss1 from adsterra

Screenshot from tracker:

ss2 in the tracker

Total earnings: $490.0.

Total spent: $165.6

Total income: $324.7.

ROI: 196%.


I would like to say that this time the cams offer worked splendidly. I failed to achieve the desired results during testing as I set the bar too high, made a lot of errors, and haven’t done everything in the proper order.

To conclude, I would definitely recommend working with cams. Just don’t forget to test extensively, find offers and pre-landers that work best, formulate a good strategy, and have fun 🙂