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Daily payments for all publishers and direct CPA, CPC, and CPI offers are what set CPAlead apart from other networks.

CPAlead is a real time bidding DSP and SSP marketplace that connects CPI, CPA, and CPC advertisers to anyone with web, mobile, or desktop traffic. Whether you are an app developer who is looking to monetize their app, an affiliate marketer who is looking for direct CPA or CPI offers, or social media influencer looking to monetize subscribers and followers, CPAlead has a solution for you. CPAlead listens to their members by making their requests come to life. At any given time, CPAlead is developing new marketplace and lead generation features based on the top requests they receive

CPAlead has been around since the year 2006 and has over 700,000 publishers worldwide, which proves that it is not a newbie in this field. This network is known for their banner ads, interstitial ads, pop unders, and content lockers and providing publishers guaranteed EPCs of 20 cents or greater in USA and various other countries. Talking about what actually is CPAlead, it is basically a website that permits to install a survey gateway on site, each time someone fills out a survey from the site one earn somewhat from $0.30 to $1.50.

It is actually great website, but if anyone doesn’t use it in the right way or maybe if someone is planning to splash CPAlead links on social media, then making much money from it with this approach. There are certain great practices that one can do to make the most money from this service. Let us have a look at the ways in which one can actually make money with this service, and also some of the best practices to make a living.

Although there are a lot of ways to make money with CPAlead, but opting on one particular way and working hard on it would be the best option. Here are the most popular ones.


The very first option that hits the top of the list is the Surveys. they are used so much by CPA lead members, that most people join this network, just for this purpose. When someone clicks on niche page, the content will be locked until and unless they fill out a survey, and if they fill it out one will earn 30 cents to $3, which is actually a great deal. One can look for and opt for a lot of niches on their dashboard, and in this way surveys works really great for affiliates and advertisers.

2) Trials

The second comes the trials, which means that the people to whom user sends his or her link must sign up for a trial of a particular product in order to access the page, which is also a great trick

3) Mobile

Then comes the mobile, which means that the users have to insert their phone numbers in order to access the page, for which the users will earn $3 to $10 for every person.

4) Purchases

On fourth comes the purchases. This means that the users need to purchase something for accessing the page you that is being promoted

CPAlead has numerous positive points. Let us have a look at some of the pros of CPAlead.

  • Weekly payments.
  • Numerous offers available
  • Good commissions
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Numerous tools and training to get you started

CPAlead gives you a wide range of monetization options, a few of those monetization options are listed below, let us have a look.

  • Link locker- One of the most effective tool
  • Content locker
  • Exit Traffic Tool- One of the most preferred tool

Talking about CPA or Cost-Per-Action, it is basically what an advertiser pays on completion of an action. This action could be anything like signing up for a trial, or taking a survey, or filling a form, or downloading an app. CPA marketing is quite different from other advertising networks, where one gets paid when someone clicks on the ad and the user can’t give any incentives to the visitors to click on the ad. By far, it is one of the best options available and preferred. In CPA marketing, where anyone is promoting an offer or a niche, the offers are lucrative giving incentive to the visitors and CPAlead excels in this field. These offers have a great and lucrative conversion rate and a decent payout at the same time.

Content locking is the one thing that makes this high conversion rate possible. Content locking at CPAlead is something that makes sure that the visitor completes the action and puts the dollar in the user’s pocket. CPAlead is the best in this field and to no surprise it is not a newbie at all and is highly experienced and preferred network.

Network Details

Category:Ad Network
Commission Type:CPA, CPI, CPC
Payment Method:Paypal, Payoneer, Wire, Check, ACH
Payment Frequency: Daily
Minimum Payment:1.00
Tracking Software: In-house
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