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CoProsper was founded in 2007 by a group of marketing executives who had been involved with affiliate programs since the late 1990s. These experienced marketers, on all sides of an affiliate program’s fence as merchants and affiliates themselves, were able to see both its successes and setbacks. With this knowledge they set out to create CoProsper: a free solution for any merchant looking to drive traffic while maximizing revenue without costly setup fees or other hidden costs that come along with running your own affiliate program!

CoProsper knows you’re here because you want nothing more than top-notch customer service from day one alongside maximum flexibility–no cost whatsoever upfront plus no ongoing monthly charges required.

CoProsper $50


CoProsper is your best friend, who also happens to have a lot of experience in the affiliate marketing industry. They know you’re here for one and only reason: driving traffic from people like yourself to merchants and making money on that traffic. CoProsper doesn’t want you spending any time or resources setting up its system- they’ve done it all for you!

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