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lemonads Review – The Best CPA Network?

An affiliate network is like an intermediary between the merchant affiliate programs and publishers. This network works on a commission-based payment model where a publisher signs up to an affiliate program offered by the advertiser to promote and sell his products.

There are numerous affiliate programs available in the market, and it is challenging to choose the best one. Moreover, it is time-consuming to apply for every affiliate network that you come to know about, because many of them may not be even legal.

lemonads review

Always opt for a less legit and better CPA affiliate network.

lemonads review: Is it a good affiliate network?

lemonads is one such affiliate network that you will come across. lemonads have offers that are available for a majority of the countries. This network generated record leads last month, thus regarding the number of affiliates and terms of volumes, lemonads is one of the largest affiliate networks. 

Lemonads review

Also, the traffic that lemonads handles is very high; thus, the liquidity of this network is immense. Having such huge advantages ensures that this network will pay you on time. It also proffers reasonable rates as compared to other systems. 

Let us get started our article about lemonads review

Features of lemonads

lemonad features

Here are the characteristics of lemonads CPA Network:

Smartlinks Offers

Smartlinks is one of the few networks that provide Smart Links offers. With Smartlinks offers, if you send the traffic that does not apply to that offer, it will automatically re-route the traffic to the best offers. It will regularly change the suggestions as per the visitors. Overall, your campaign optimization will be well-handled. Due to this, you will stay ahead of your competitors. These links change themselves and do not require manual intervention. Everything happens automatically due to which this network is most-liked by the users.

Responsive Support

The support team of lemonads is very responsive and proffers many support channels, like chat support, messenger, website, and social media channels. Thus, the user can freely and easily contact the network in the time of need. Moreover, their response is very prompt and quick. The superb quality of customer support makes it a strong contender amongst affiliate networks.

Reputed Merchants

lemonads affiliate network boasts of some reputed and famous merchants. Some of these are – Norton, Amazon, Revolut, Mega casino, and many more. Having such reputed merchants makes this affiliate network more stringent with its standards, and their tracking is also superb. It is advantageous for other affiliates and advertisers to have such merchants.

Fast Payments

The payments that lemonads offers are fast, i.e., net7, daily, weekly, and monthly payments. The user will be on net7 payment, and as his traffic quality improves, the frequency of the fee will increase. Thus, once the amount of traffic boosts, there will be no worries about capital requirements. Your money will grow and will be paid timely, thus escalating the campaign too.

Higher Payouts

On comparing the payouts with other networks, you will see lemonads helps you make more money. The reason is that there is a direct relation with advertisers, which enables higher payouts. Moreover, it will augment your Return on Investment (ROI) and scaling of campaigns.

Exclusive Offers


lemonads has a beautiful relationship with the advertisers because it has more than 1500 offers. Ongoing through the offers or campaigns will be many that won’t be available on other affiliate networks. This CPA network will satisfy users who wish to run exclusive offers.

Compatible with Tracking solutions


lemonads has a history of working with a lot of tracking solutions. It also has an internal proprietary platform. It is advised to have your tracking too. The tracking solutions compatible with lemonads are – BeMob, Voluum, Binom, FunnelFlux, Thrivetracker, and many more. When you run a campaign, it is essential to track your traffic and visitors.

More than 1500 offers

This affiliate network has more than 1500 CPA offers, i.e., there is no shortage of choices with lemonads. All these offers cover many verticals; thus, you are sure to find an offer you require. Moreover, these offers are only increasing with time.

In-house Platform

lemonads network takes full control over the tracking and can fix anything within seconds. This network also proffers additional data, which is of high-quality.

Offers by lemonads for Publishers’

lemonads helps the publishers in increasing their revenues. It does this by providing its vast range of offers to connect them to the best brands on the market.

  • On-time payments – lemonads is recognized for paying faster than anyone else in this field.
  • Restrictive CPA Offers – You will get high-converting CPA offers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
  • High-converting pre-tested offers – lemonads gives high-achieving pre-tested suggestions for both mobile and desktops.
  • Excellent platform – Lemonad’s dashboard is 100% Swiss-made that makes the task very simple.
  • High-tech smart tools – The Smarlinks technology that lemonads uses makes sure of real-time optimization and efficiency.
  • Highly-credible affiliate network – This network is highly trusted where you can happily invest your money.
  • Outstanding support team – Their support team can be contacted via several channels for quick and professional assistance.
  • Professional team guidance – You can have your committed Account Manager to assist in your performance.

Offers by lemonads for Advertisers

You can enhance your business with high-converting traffic via their advanced technology.

lemonads is a significant player in Performance Marketing and especially Affiliate Marketing. With ten years of experience and the best-enabled platform on the market, lemonads are among the primary sources of acquisitions for many annocers.

This technology helps in connecting with more proficient publishers.

  • No hidden fees – This platform does not have startup fees and helps you get started very fast.
  • High-quality traffic – The reputed affiliates help in providing high-converting leads and traffic.
  • Real-time statistics – This platform offers real-time monitoring of the results.
  • Fraud Detection via A.I. – Their A.I provides internal and external anti-fraud protection.
  • No-Risk of Finances – lemonads works on the model of Pay Per Performance and includes CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPI.
  • Self-service – The platform is very user-friendly and laid out well, which provides complete control to the user.
  • World-class support – Their proficient account managers help maximize ROI.

Interface of lemonads

This lemonads review will be incomplete without looking into the signup procedure. The signup process of lemonads is straightforward, as you only need to submit your details in the application.

lemonads review - procedurelemonads review

After filling this three-step signup form, the network representative will get back to you very soon and give you the approval.

The fast signup procedure is one of the advantages of this fantastic network.

Main Menu of lemonads

The main menu of the lemonads affiliate network is self-depicting. The list allows you to look for the correct offers, daily stats, earning reports, etc., under Campaigns and Offers, you can find various Smartlinks. The dashboard is straightforward to use and is self-explanatory.

Requirements of lemonads

Some of the requirements by lemonads are :

  • The website must not have mysterious content
  • The ranking by Alexa must be less than 100K
  • lemonad need a website hosted by you only 
  • Require a high TDL domains and free subdomain
  • They do not take in Free hosting and domain

lemonads – CPM

The range of the CPM paid by lemonads is $ .02 – 0.25, i.e., it is quite low compared to Adsense ads network. As an alternative to lemonads, you can use lemonads. 

Offers by lemonads

lemonads offers the following types of proposals:

  • CPA
  • CPS
  • CPL
  • CPI

Alternatives to lemonads

Some of the other options to lemonads are:

  • Bidgear – This is the largest ads network based in Vietnam and supports CPM and CPC. Bidgear serves more than 5 million impressions per month.
  • Wordads – This is the ideal alternative if you are using WordPress.
  • Studads – This is a contextual ads network in the US. It is monetized through CPM and CPC. On every excellent click transferred to Studads, the publisher gets paid.
  • Eonads – This ad network works on the CPA and CPC based revenue model and is based in the US.
  • Adgebra – This ad network focuses on the Diverse population of India and is a multilingual network.
  • Speedyads – This network is by entireweb, and it’s CPC is more significant to the lemonads.
  • Adsense – This network is an advertising ad network and also an excellent alternative to lemonads.

Pros and Cons of lemonads

Here is the list of Pros and cons of using lemonads that we summarize in this review.


The advantages of lemonads are:

  • Payment from $ 100 by ePayment, Paypal, Paxul or bank transfer
  • Highly profitable campaigns
  • Seriousness and Swiss discretion
  • World-class support
  • In-house platform
  • International offers
  • Several available offers
  • Straightforward signup process


  • It coils have more CPS offers
  • Affiliate Network rather oriented Advanced and Expert Affiliates

Best lemonads Alternatives and competitors


From the above lemonads review, we can say it’s among the best and most significant affiliate networks on the market. Their simple and straightforward signup process is smooth, and within minutes you are ready to go. It provides a vast number of offers and superb support.

lemonads has an excellent customer support and vibrant features that make it stand apart from other affiliate networks. It is sure that after going through the lemonads review, your affiliate network search will end here.

lemonads also have a great blog about digital marketing, between 3 and 5 new articles per week. We recommend that you read this blog to increase your knowledge in Digital Marketing.

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