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Interview with Mylead’s CEO Patryk Hoffmann

Hi, As you all know that Mylead is one of the industry leading affiliate network globally, we have interviewed Mr Patryk Hoffmann. He is the CEO at Mylead and has been in the affiliate marketing industry for more than 5 years. Read the success story of Mylead and catch some interesting QnA and tips in this interview where we about the future of affiliate marketing and push ads.

Here we start


Question: How can you identify yourself in the industry?

My name is Patryk Hoffmann and I am the CEO of the platform – a global affiliate network.

Question: Why and how did you get into Affiliate Marketing? Present vs past of Affiliate Marketing?

I have always wanted to be independent in the things I do and have the opportunity to work when I want, where I want and how I want – all on my own terms. In 2012 I became interested in affiliation. I started to read about it and earn as a publisher in one of the networks. Shortly after that, the dream of having my own affiliate network appeared and the idea of MyLead emerged. This idea was implemented 5 years ago and is still alive. It was a time of constant learning and even today I am still discovering new things, because affiliation is an industry that never stops.

Question: Present vs Past of Affiliate marketing?

Definitely present affiliate marketing.

I love new solutions and new technologies and in that kind of business you can not stop. Nowadays affiliation is not banners, but content marketing – individual solutions for each portal that allow to monetize it most effectively. Chatbots, voice search, push notifications – a few years ago, these were unimaginable features that are now available to everyone. And each of them can be used for profit.

Question: Would be great if you could share the ups and downs of your life as the founder of MyLead.

MyLead as every other company had its better and worse moments.

The Present and Some Stats

We are currently growing fast – in January 2019, the domain recorded about 100k unique views per month and at the moment (August 2019) we have almost 250000 unique views. This is over a 100% increase. Every month we gain more and more users and the company prospers very well in the affiliate industry. However, this was not always the case.

The Beginning

At the very beginning, MyLead wasn’t connected with affiliation but was focused on SMS payments – one-off SMS Premium payments and SMS subscriptions. We didn’t support any other ways of generating profit, the team consisted of few people but the idea worked absolutely well and we were popular on the local market. However, since a certain amount of time we wanted to develop faster – SMS payments are profitable, but it is difficult to exploit them in an innovative way. We carefully watched websites and analyzed foreign ideas that allowed its users to make money in other ways. In a certain moment we came to the conclusion that affiliation is the only way for MyLead and that way has become the winning road. We just wanted to create an affiliate network that no one has ever heard of and that will grow to the size of a huge platform. We hit the bull’s eye – right now we are important affiliate network. Courage is lucrative.

Where Mylead Stands now

Let’s move on to successes because we have something to brag about. Our biggest successes at the moment are the title of the best affiliate network in 2019 according to one of the largest affiliate forum in the World – and the title of the best affiliate network for investment programs according to the exclusive affiliate portal – Since the beginning of the year we won two respectable awards, and it’s worth to mention that we’ve been present in global markets since the end of 2018. In 2018 we were considered as the best affiliate network by the largest Polish forum dedicated to earning money online – Obviously, we want more than that.

Question: What is MyLead? And what you had in mind when you started this awesome venture?

We describe MyLead as a comprehensive platform for making money online. The vastness of the networks operating on the market focus on specific products, for example, financial or travel products. MyLead in its offer has almost 1000 affiliate programs in dozen categories – we have 7 different models of monetization from CPL and CPA, through CPS, ending with PPI, or even IVR and SMS. We also offer Content Lockers and plenty of other tools for making money, so you can say that we are the hub for your money.


The most important thing about MyLead is the team of very young and fantastic people who have a lot of experience in affiliation. We focus on young people with experience because they are open to new earning methods and to the future of affiliation. The industry is growing rapidly fast, and that is the reason why being open for novelties is so crucial. Of course, if you want your affiliate network to work continuously in the future.

If we are talking about MyLead origin on the local market, it must be remembered that in Poland it was something completely new. What is more – after switching to affiliation – our approach to the partner programs was very innovative. Easy access to the campaign, no extensive data required during the registration, support available all the time – also after standard business hours – we simply entered the market with a very client-friendly approach.

Question: Do you think working as an Affiliate Marketer/Manager/Media buyer is a good career choice?

Working in the affiliate industry opens a lot of doors.

Working as an AM: Affiliate Managers are the experts – they deal with a specific field which companies are increasingly interested in. First of all, working in affiliation allows to acquire lots of skills. Marketing, advertising, PR, sales, negotiations and copywriting – the affiliation combines all these elements and it gives many future work possibilities. Therefore, I believe that this profession is very perspective.

Working as a Publisher/Media Buyer: The same thing applies to the publishers, and if it is not enough, they can learn how to create graphics, make videos or write programs. Moreover, they can acquire certain personality traits, for example, self-denial, pursuit of the goal and organization of a workplace. In MyLead, we cooperate with people who promote affiliate programs and make from that for living.

Of course, it’s a lot more easy to earn less than more <laughs>, although generating steady profit from affiliation is absolutely possible. Let it be proof that some of our publishers can make in one day an equivalent of the average Polish salary.

Question: What is your opinion about the modern advertising technology trends?

The future of affiliation is relatively hard to predict because the industry is changing very rapidly. It is said that by 2020 the global affiliate market will be worth $ 6.8 trillion. We will definitely notice the growing dominance of mobile devices, while large corporations will focus more and more on them. It can have a serious impact on displayed ads and SEO. Currently, most Google searches are made using mobile devices (64% in 2018) and the predominance of mobile devices will only increase.

Lately, we have shared an e-book about making money with chatbots. The chatbot is an automatic customer service system via Messenger. I have no doubts that more customers will decide to use this solution soon. It works in a simple way – the customer can get support through his private account – he/she contacts the bot and it can, for example, recommend products and services using your affiliate links. In addition, the system itself works 24/7. It’s the perfect solution for almost everyone.

Question: What according to you is the future of affiliate marketing?

Some of the experts also pay attention to voice assistants. They are becoming more and more popular and according to Voicebot’s 2019 research, nearly 43% of Americans use them at least once a day. In 2020 it is expected that up to 50% of web searches will be done using voice. In the future, voice searching may have a strong impact on website positioning and may be used for promotion of the services. Currently, the voice search is rather rarely used in marketing, therefore it is a great chance to overtake the competition in this field.

I believe in new technologies. AI, machine learning, smart contracts, targeted advertising – these are examples of technologies that can be used in affiliation. It is so flexible business that almost every new possibility can be applied to generate profit. We are watching this closely and reacting hastily by introducing new solutions and affiliate programs for our clients.

Question: What do you think about push notification advertising?

Push notification advertising isn’t very popular among our publishers, however, we have a group of people who decided to make the use of it. As with any kind of traffic, both poor and excellent quality traffic can be delivered. Poor quality traffic is usually caused by incorrect identification of a target group. It results in a mismatch between the promoted campaign and their expectations. As a consequence – despite sending tens of thousands of push notifications – only a small group decides to use the offer. Targeting and acquiring lots of information about your users is crucial. Most effective push notifications are those sent to clients who have personally consented at your website (and not through any external companies). As such, the client may be truly interested in your offer.

Question: Can you name a few tools that you always use to make the life of a CEO easier?

There is a lot of them.

Similarweb – a tool that I am using to analyze our competition. Of course, Google Analytics. Another very useful tool is Ahrefs – a system that allows to analyze links and domains that redirect to our website or any other site (e.g. competition websites). Ahrefs allows also to verify search engine traffic by a specific keyword. That’s not all. If you want to work comfortably, you need tools for easy communication with the team, like Trello or your own CRM system. Luckily, we work in a very modern business, hence we have a lot of opportunities to automate our work.

Question: A quick rapid fire or whatever comes first in your mind

Nutra Offers or Crypto?

Crypto. One of the most important branches in MyLead. Usually, it requires creating an infrastructure and having own ideas, yet it allows to gain leads of great values.

What marketing strategies do you believe in when it comes to create brand awareness for MyLead?

We follow many roads to acquire publishers and to build our brand. Recently, we’ve been trying to use influence marketing, as we see great potential in it. For now, we are satisfied with the results. The awards we have won gave us the opportunity to occur on other portals. We cooperate in content marketing, we are present in search engines dedicated to affiliation (like affNext), we use e-mail marketing. We’ve already made mobile applications which will also have a significant marketing impact on our brand.

You’ve been on affNext for quiet some time – do you like it?

It is true, we’ve been working with affNext for several months. In such type of portals it is quite hard to get an individual approach. On the market you can find many companies that are similar to each other. It is often difficult to find willingness for creative cooperation and initiative among the teams of this sites. There are only predefined advertising packages and that’s all. At the same time, affnext is completely different. We proposed something new and now we are doing this together. This is an unusual approach and I really like it – we will definitely stay with affnext for longer.

Thanks for talk, it was great!

Thank you too, it was great to talk to you.

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