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Hyax vs Sellfy – the Best Online Selling Tool

Over 4 million companies are launched every year across the world but how many of them actually succeed? We have no clue. But all we know is that selling online is the best escape to more reachability and revenue. Especially when we are living in today’s technically advanced world.

From eCommerce to selling digital products and courses, there is a wide range, of course, to make money online. Yes, there are platforms that can offer you the service of creating and selling your online products. However, if you ask us about our favorite, it has to be Hyax and Sellfy.

Undoubtedly, Hyax and Sellfy are the real competitors and the best alternatives of each other. But, which one is the best?

To figure out, here is a detailed comparison you must read before choosing any of these.

hyax vs sellfy

hyax vs sellfy
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Features of Hyax

Tracking performance
Customer and leads management
Offers Self-service
Customization available
Security for payments and multiple options

Features of Sellfy

Product and subscription
Creating storefront
Built-in marketing
Embedded features
Security for payments and multiple options

More about Hyax

What services does Hyax offer?

features of hyax platform to sell online

Yes, as we said Hyax is that one platform where you can sell almost anything. By anything we mean digital that helps you earn extra for educating or helping others. So, here is a list of every Hyax has to offer to its users. 

  • Landing pages and funnels

There is a wide range of digital products that people sell on the internet. But how many succeed? Only a few. The reason being, they do not promote their products well. The key to promoting any digital product is having an effective sales funnel and landing page. 

Hyax is there to create that landing page on which you can share your digital product and attract many customers to it. Also, its marketing funnel is by far one of the most effective tools. The best part is, you can create that without having any knowledge of coding and designing. You can use its modern designs, have multi-step funnels, and create a user-friendly funnel and landing page

  • Membership site ownership

Almost all the websites that we use are following this system. You have to purchase its membership program to use its services and products. You can have that too with Hyax’s membership site builder. 

It has everything from setting-up membership posts to creating amazing plans. Also, you will have full control over these membership systems. Hyax is there to do all that process for you even if you are a total beginner. 

  • Online storefront

Selling products digitally also includes the work of eCommerce. For all eCommerce activity, you need to have an online store which is way more convenient than any other physical store. Hyax is there to help you out with designing beautiful websites that are fully customized by you. 

With Hyax, you can build your own eCommerce store with absolute upselling ability. There are many beautiful templates you can use to start your website with. So, you don’t need to struggle much to get things done through technical knowledge. There is one feature of seamless post-purchase upselling, another one takes care of higher average order value. Overall, your eCommerce store made using Hyax with being amazing. 

  • Courses (Of course)

Coming to its main service is creating and selling courses online. Nobody likes to go outside to get real education (especially during this deadly time). So, people are staying at home and making the best of their free time through online courses. If you want to pass on your wisdom to your potential audience, here is a chance to do that with Hyax. 

Hyax allows you to customize your courses as per your preferences. You can attach files, upload videos, and can provide valuable education to your audience. What else? Hyax makes it easier for you to interact with your students through various means. 

All these amazing services are what make Hyax the best choice for people who want to make the best use of the internet.

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More about Sellfy

Features Sellfy offers

selffy features detailed

Let’s see what all products do Sellfy offers you to create and sell online. Down there is the list:

  • Digital products

Digital products can is anything that allows you to share through digital files. Sellfy allows you to sell products such as an ebook, software, videos, films, graphics, and much more. It offers a secure folder that you can share with your audience in the form of downloadable links. 

  • Subscription plans

Just like Hyax, Sellfy allows you to sell subscriptions to your potential audience. These subscriptions can be related to anything be it audios, music, software, or designs. Just create your subscription plans (weekly/monthly/annual) and collect payment through PayPal. 

  • Physical Goods

You can sell physical goods too with Sellfy. This tool provides advanced settings such as keeping track of your variants, stock, and more. The only things that you have to take care of our fulfillment and shipping. Also, any physical product you sell should be under legal and shipping-related limits. In fact, it offers you a free sample delivery of your physical good if you allow Sellfy to manufacture them. 

  • Print-on-demand goods

ice Here is something new that was recently added to the Sellfy services. It’s a merchandise feature in which you can create, design, and add several items to your online store. If you wish, you can give their partners the responsibility of handling fulfillment, printing, and shipping.

All these services are what people use and love to choose Sellfy over any other service provider.

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Hyax's Monthly Pricing

What is Hyax?

When we talk about digital products made easier to create and sell, Hyax is that one platform that comes to our mind. This platform was built with a view to helping people use a seamless process to convert, engage, and pass their knowledge to others. Hence, it is best for courses.

hyax homepage what you can sell

The tools Hyax uses are remarkable because their main focus is to keep students engaged in that course. It also allows you to upsell your products, services, and courses that too within the original course you sell. What else? Hyax offers a number of content options, be it traditional online courses, membership sites, or gated content.

In a nutshell, this is the one-stop solution for you to sell almost anything on the internet. That too without the need for any multiple applications. All you need to do is take payment, deliver the product, or even charge for timely subscriptions.

Pricing Plans

hyax pricing

Hyax offers its plans in three parts. Its Beginner plan costs $99/month and the Advanced plan costs $199/month. Now comes the big plan, the Enterprise plan. The best thing about this one is that the companies can customize it as per their requirements. Also, you can try its plans for free too.

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Sellfy's Monthly Pricing

What is Sellfy?

Sellfy is another online selling platform that has made it a lot easier for users to sell online. Over 270,000 creators are in love with Sellfy’s service for produce more than 1,200,000 digital products to sell online. Two words to describe Sellfy? It is straightforward & extremely easy.

sellfy homepage

Sellfy was launched in the year 2011 with a view to help people create a beautiful online storefront. Undoubtedly, it is doing a great job even today. This platform is extremely popular amongst writers, designers, musicians, videographers, filmmakers, and more. Besides, its ability to handle everything from product creation and hosting to payments, is what makes it one great tool to use.

Pricing Plans

sellfy pricing plans

When it comes to Sellfy, its prices are comparatively lower than Hyax. Its Starter plan starts at just $29/month, Business plan costs $59/month, and Premium plan costs $129/month. Now, if you have any bigger requirements, you can always contact the team and customize your plan. Moreover, Sellfy offers a 14-day trial to new users.

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Hyax's Support

To be brief, we can say that Hyax has a wonderful customer support system which is also its one main focus. If you find any difficulty managing or creating your digital product, you can always reach out to the team live chat. Live chat is the fastest way to communicate your issues with the team as they reply to you in a few minutes.

Apart from Live Chat, the Hyax team has an FAQ section to find answers to your problems. There is documentation available to help you understand all the procedures better. Moreover, they have a free demo available for users to see everything before making the payment.

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Sellfy's Support

For an amazing user experience, the team of Sellfy offers its live chat option that is the most effective. Other than that, there is the documentation for a better understanding of the procedure and sending emails for a personalized answer. Also, there is a FAQs section to help you find answers to your questions.

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Features of Hyax

why hyax is better than any other tool

What features do hyax has that make it such an amazing platform for people? Here is a list for you. Read on. 

  • Tracking performance

No matter if you have an online store, course, or any other digital product, Hyax will keep track of performance. The team will not only track your performance but also suggest ways to improve that. So, you don’t need to collect information, analyze the results and keep the results. Hyax will do that for you. 

  • Customer and leads management

Taking care of the customers and leads is a huge responsibility. Of course, when you will receive plenty of them, things can get out of control. Therefore, Hyax helps you out take care of them by sorting their information individually. With this, you can be free from all the hassle. 

  • Offers Self-service

If you don’t want the Hyax technical team to interfere in any of your activities, you can do it. How? Because Hyax offers a self-service system in which from creating to launching and tasks after that will be all under your control. However, if you find anything hard, you can always contact the team for help. 

  • Customization available

For many users who are confused about their designs and formats, Hyax offers pre-made templates. However, it’s not like you cannot customize anything. Hyax also allows you to design your own templates and use your formats to create your digital product. 

  • Allows surveys and feedbacks

As you create your product, you need to receive some feedback to improve the quality. So, with Hyax, you can create surveys and collect feedback from your potential clients with ease. 

  • Takes care of Payment processes

Payment becomes a big issue if you are unable to trust the company. Nonetheless, with Hyax, there are no issues because your payments are recorded and shared with you with the utmost transparency.  

  • Website management

Once you start selling over the internet, it can be pretty tiring to take care of all the website activity. Hyax, therefore, offers its help to manage your website on your behalf. 

All these features and characteristics are what make Hyax a great tool for you to create and sell digital products online. Now, let’s see what its alternative has to offer.

What features do Sellfy Offer?

sellfy features to create online storefront

Here is a list of all features Sellfy offers. 

  • Product and subscription

To sell your products and earn revenue, Sellfy offers you subscription plans for your customers. With this, you can sell multiple products and even print-on-demand goods. The best part? Its video streaming feature helps eliminate downloadable issues. 

  • Creating storefront

Customize a beautiful storefront, connect a domain name, add a shopping cart, or have a mobile store, everything is possible with Sellfy. Creating a storefront with Sellfy is just another wonderful experience. Also, if you add more language to it, you can increase your web with ease. 

  • Built-in marketing

Selling online is not easy. This is why you would have different marketing features. Don’t worry because Sellfy has many in-built options for you. You can use discount codes, email marketing, tracking pixels, and upselling. All these and more will surely make you reachable to your target audience. 

  • Embedded features

You would definitely need embedded systems to sell products from different platforms and not just your eCom website. Sellfy has buttons, product links, product cards, store embed, and YouTube screen and cards for you. All these are here just to make things easier for you. 

  • Security for payments

When you will sell your products online, you can expect to receive orders from across the world. This is the reason why you may have trust issues with payment as you’ll be dealing with people internationally. With Sellfy, you can work with a free mind. It offers various platforms for you to receive payments. For instance, there is PayPal, Stripe, PDF stamping, and more. 


Between Hyax and Sellfy, it’s hard to decide which one is better. One is great at selling digital products and the other is excellent for physical products. So, it’s better to understand your requirements and see which one suits them best.