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Hyax vs Podia – Is Hyax a better Online Selling Tool?

Online businesses have been on the rise. One of the reasons why it is convenient is because a lot of costs get cut out when it comes to setting up an online business. Also, complications are minimized when there is an online business.

There are millions of platforms that will help you to get on with your online business. However, not all of them are the ones that will actually help you stand out. No matter how good your business might be, if the platform you use is not appropriate, there is no point in possessing such an amazing idea.

If you are looking for the best option, you need not look any further. This article will help you to understand the best option that will help you out.

Out on the market, you will come across the two top platforms – Hyax and Podia.

hyax vs podia

Hyax will help you to sell out any digital products, merchandise, and courses that you wish to send out. Podia will be an option for you to forget about the technical hassles. You will be able to sell out courses and membership options here too.

Notice the function that is provided by both of the options is similar to each other. However, the features are a little different.

Hyax Vs. Podia – Basics That You Need To Know

What lies more than the basic services the options provide is their features. The basics that you need to know have been presented in an extremely easy manner.

hyax vs podia
hyax icon


Visit website $49/mo


Visit website $39/mo

Screenshot of Hyax

hyax screenshot main

Screenshot of Podia

podia screenshots

Features of Hyax

Your own website to sell courses or webinars
Sell digital downloads
Online storefront to sell physical products
Webinar platform integration
Set-up offers like "Add $100 to cart to get 50% off" easily
Upsell your other products inside a free course
Create membership sites and sell subscriptions

Features of Podia

Your own website to sell courses or webinars
Sell physical products
Online storefront to sell physical products
Sell webinars using the platform
Set-up offers like "Add $100 to cart to get 50% off" easily
Upsell your other products inside a free course
Create membership sites and sell subscriptions

More about Hyax

Hyax is an option that will enable you to sell out digital products. Few of them include merchandise, memberships, and online courses. Everything can be done in one platform. Four categories, digital downloads, courses, memberships, and physical products – if you are aiming at one of these, yes, Hyax is the one for you. So basically, whatever you wish to sell out on the digital platform can be easily done with the help of Hyax. From online payments to monthly subscriptions, everything can be done under one roof. You do not need to hang onto different sites for this.

hyax homepage what you can sell

There are more things that you can do with the help of Hyax. Another thing that Hyax is an expert at are landing pages, funnels, and upsells. Apart from that, you will get access to numerous design options. These designs are also mobile-friendly. Your digital storefront can be made easily with the help of Hyax. here, you can customize the design the way you want.

Additionally, if you wish to set out memberships, you can do so very easily. The best part is that the members are yours and yours only.

Courses can be designed in an extremely beautiful manner when you have Hyax. You can interact with your students very easily. For them to understand you can also upload videos! If there are a variety of courses that you offer, then you can customize each in the way you want.

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More about Podia

Podia is a way to monetize your passion. Online courses, webinars, memberships, and more can be set out with the help of Podia. If you have numerous amount of businesses, you can have all of them in one place without any hassle. Another advantage is that even if you do not possess any technical knowledge, you still can understand how Podia works.

podia what you can sell

When it comes to online courses, you will be able to make the online course at par with offline courses. Quizzes, puzzles, and everything you wish for will be available here. The payment options that are set forward will be extremely easy for people to understand. So, it will not cause boredom to people when it comes to payment.

Webinars can be hosted with the help of Podia. It will make sure that people get the proper intimation when it comes to attending your webinar. You can schedule webinars way before time.

Email marketing is one of the strategies used by Podia. This will help you to even keep a track of how many people are actually clicking your advertisement. So, you will get to know how your advertisement is performing.

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Hyax's Monthly Pricing

Apart from the features, you also need to focus on an additional thing. You would also want to know the pricing of Hyax. Here is how it goes.

hyax pricing

  • Beginner – $49 per month
  • Advanced – $99 per month
  • Enterprise – As you use, you pay for those services

There are a few of the features that will be common in all of the packs. You have the flexibility to choose the time period of your trial. Pay only after you are done understanding what it is all about. This is one of the best things that will allow you to deciide if this is the best option for you.

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Podia's Monthly Pricing

When it comes to pricing, this is what it follows.

podia pricing for selling courses

  • Mover – $39 per month
  • Shaker – $79 per month

You can even pay for the services on a yearly basis. This will help you save money.

There is a 14-day trial that will help you to get to know things in a better manner. There is a live demo option that will all the more make you understand things in a better manner.

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Hyax's Support

Hyax has a great support system and is able to help everyone, no matter small or a large enterprise.

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Podia's Support

Podia has chat support for the customers to help regarding migrations, setup, and technical problems.

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Drawing all threads together, you will find that both of the options have a thin line between them. It is definitely going to be tough for you to choose either of them. So, you need to spend some time to understand which is the option that is actually going to help you out. This can only be done once you spend some understanding of the features. Other than anything else, the features are the ones that play an important role when you have to choose between two options.

Pricing is something that you should keep as your last option. Price is not the only basis for you to decide your option. If the features are not up to the mark, then what is the point in paying a hefty amount?

Take time to decide the option that suits you. The trial method should be able to help you decide the best option for you. Always make sure that you spend some time undergoing the process. Make sure that you spare some time where you can learn that. Probably, you will take 15 days or so, depending on how you adapt to the features.

It is for you to decide which one is the best for you. All that you need to do is take up the trial method for you to decide.

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