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Hyax vs Gumroad – Comparing these Online selling platforms

To establish a strong customer base for your online digital product/course, your website should stand out from the rest. That will only happen when you invest in a website that is user-friendly. People are already struggling with technology, if you have a complicated website, there is a low chance that they will revisit your site.

It is not difficult to look for the best option when it comes to establishing an online business. The two top options that can help you are Hyax and Gumroad. These are the ones that stand out from the crowd.

When you wish to sell courses, Hyax could be the option that can help you. However, if you are a creator, Gumroad may be the better option than the one that you should opt for.

There are many factors to consider l. This article puts forward various parameters that can be compared between the two alternatives. After you read this article entirely, you can decide the best option that will suit your needs.

Hyax Vs. Gumroad

hyax vs gumroad

Certain parameters have been presented here. This will give you a complete analysis of the features that each of the alternatives possesses.

Below we have put together examples that will help demonstrate how they are similar and what causes the thin line of distinction between them.

hyax icon


Visit website #49/mo
gumroad icon


Visit website $10/mo

Screenshot of Hyax

hyax screenshot main

Screenshot of Gumroad

gumroad main image

Features of Hyax

Sell Digital Downloads, Courses, Memberships and Physical products
Create landing pages & funnels
Create your digital storefront
Make your own membership site
Customizable course build

Features of Gumroad

Run your membership business on Gumroad
Subscription Payment options
License key option for selling out digital softwares
Sell Physical products too with inventory management
Sales tax support

More about Hyax

Hyax’s pricing starts from 45$ per month which may surprise you. However, it does not charge anything for each transaction.

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More about Gumroad

Comparing the pricing plan with Hyax, the pricing sounds dirt cheap. However, if we consider the transaction fee when you make a lot of sales, the pricing may get a bit costly. Because you pay 3.5% + 30¢ per charge only.

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Hyax's Monthly Pricing

hyax pricing

The pricing of Hyax goes as follows:

  • Beginner – $49 per month
  • Advanced – $99 per month
  • Enterprise – It depends on what features that you want

Referring to the above picture, there are a variety of features that are common in all of the three plans. You can see a few of them being the SSL certificate, membership or blog and so on.

There is an option for you to take up a trial period. You only need to pay when you are satisfied with the services. After you feel that you are comfortable with using the services, you can proceed to pay for it.

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Gumroad's Monthly Pricing

gumroad price

Moving on to Gumroad, here is how the pricing goes:

  • Basic – no monthly fee
  • Creator – $10 per month if you have less than 1,000 subscribers

If you have just entered into the market of online business, you can take up the basic plan. The best part is that it is completely free. As your business revenue grows, you can invest in a paid subscription plan. This flexibility will appeal to certain entrepreneurs.. The best part is that it will only ask you to pay higher once your subscribers grow. If you are a lower subscriber rate, you pay less. This is not offered on all competing platforms currently.

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Hyax's Support

Hyax has a better support system and is able to help everyone, no matter small or a large enterprise.

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Gumroad's Support

Gumroad has a large customer-base which is why the support system takes a little time to resolve your queries.

Visit website


Gathering all threads together, it can be stated that Hyax and Gumroad are tough competitors. Depending on your type of business you can choose either of the options.

This might seem a little absurd, but you should never keep the pricing of a product as your first priority. Of course, you need to understand what fits in your budget. User reviews should also be a factor in deciding, but more important are the features provided by the services. Paying a handsome amount of money and not receiving what you want can be disappointing. So, look for the features rather than the pricing.

There are a few things to consider. The first thing is that Gumroad may involve coding. If you wish to alter anything with respect to the design of the follow-up form, you cannot do so. You can only edit the design when you have some coding knowledge.

Also, always take up trials wherever possible. Both Hyax and Gumroad provide a free version for you to try. Hyax has an upper-edge because you only pay when you are comfortable with its services. The free version of Gumroad does not include all of the features. So, you might want to think before you actually choose either of them