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BeMob Review: The Best Ad Tracking Tool?

Ever wonder how your ad campaigns are performing? With BeMob, you can track the performance of every campaign in real-time. Know more with this detailed BeMob review. You’ll know which ones are converting and which ones need a little more work. It’s easy to use and free! Sign up today for your own account.

If you’re looking for the best ad tracking tool, then look no further than BeMob. Plus it provides a ton of features that are necessary for any successful affiliate marketer!

Let’s explore what BeMob has to offer. Ready? Let’s begin.

BeMob Review

What is BeMob?

BeMob is undoubtedly one of the best ad tracking services. They have a range of helpful features that make it easy for media buyers and affiliate marketers to analyze their ads, such as monitoring how many clicks an advertisement has gotten or seeing what type of traffic they are getting from different sources (social networks, websites). BeMob also gives you access to all the latest advertising formats so your advertisements will never be out-of-date with trends in marketing!

BeMob takes care of everything for you. With the help of ROI, this platform can be used to automatically manage your ad budget and monitor its effectiveness in order to get more sales! You don’t need a lot of time or money because it’s all managed by them; just set up what they ask you about and let them do their job while making sure that your ads are always on track–all thanks to its reliable automation!

What services do BeMob offers?

BeMob Review

Let’s take this review further and see what all services do BeMob offers. So, here are some awesome services.

1. Campaign tracking

In addition to the best possible service and support, we also offer secure tracking for your business. We provide each link or domain with SSL protection so that you can avoid browser restrictions from Google, Safari, and other browsers. Setting up events is easy when using our advanced tracker which provides 30 custom options per account. Set it up once and monitor conversions as they happen!

2. Easy campaign management

BeMob’s API is at your service to integrate quickly and easily with any platform. With an all-in-one affiliate tracking dashboard, you can automate day-to-day tasks as well as get notifications when certain processes are complete. The system keeps a close eye on how everything unfolds in order for you do not to miss anything important. Specify what you want notifications sent about.

BeMob $47


BeMob is an ad tracking software that helps you optimize your campaigns from start to finish. BeMob’s campaign analysis and reporting, conversion optimization tools give clients the data they need to get their digital marketing strategy in order.

  • No traffic loss
  • Fraud protection
  • Self-hosted platform
  • Advanced rules


  • Amazing Templates
  • Multi-language UI and Support
  • High-quality guides and manuals
  • Automatic optimization


  • Needs card details to start. Even the free plan

3. Analyzes all data and reports

BeMob provides you with different themes and color palettes to help personalize your dashboard. When choosing a theme, there are four main factors that matter:

  • The size of the visual display area (which constitutes how much data can be presented),
  • Level of detail for each section in the visualization,
  • The frequency at which new metrics updates appear on the screen (i.e., every 30 seconds or 60 minutes).
  • What device is being used to view it.

4. Helps you explore more

BeMob is the ultimate affiliate marketing platform for brands. They have a suite of features and tools that are perfect for exploring new opportunities, including Simple Onboarding and Fast Start; Webinars with BeMob Tracking Academy to help you get started or improve your skillset quickly; Detailed Guides tailored just to affiliates.

They can better understand how their business works in conjunction with other businesses on the network – all while having Multi-language UI and Support.

5. Help you scale up

Organize the work of your team by adding users across different workspaces in order to manage teamwork efforts amongst multiple people; set up permission levels based on what level each user has if they want direct access versus just being able to hold view-only status over certain portions within a dashboard/report.

You can set permissions to specific report parts for 3rd parties without letting them see your campaigns or dashboard. You’ll get a pricing calculation on the fly based on what you need and how much traffic you have coming in. With these features, there will be no more confusion about whose responsibility was which element because everything stays transparent.

The features of BeMob

BeMob Review

BeMob is the perfect solution for you. They provide big data handling, advanced traffic distribution and targeting, seamless redirects, and a wide range of traffic management options so that your site can dominate with ease. This tool has a wide range of features. So, let’s dig in and look at each one in detail.

1. It’s a self-hosted campaign tracker

BeMob takes the headache out of managing your server and ads. They provide assistance for monitoring performance, so you can focus on what matters most to you. That is- achieving success with your campaign.

BeMob has a single platform that provides metrics data about both ad campaigns as well as server uptime in real-time. So, all of those worries about whether or not someone will be there when something goes wrong are eliminated entirely. BeMob is always watching over things 24/7.

2. Fraud detection is a priority

BeMob is has developed a system that detects fraud, rejects bots, provides high-quality traffic only to your advertisement. You can rely on it for full protection from malicious intruders trying to steal your data or content.

Apparently, they’ve been working hard behind closed doors getting this fraud detection feature ready! Its AI is there to protect against threats before they start so transactions are safer than ever! So what do we need now?

3. Amazing templates

The BeMob platform can help you save time and resources because there’s a template for every ad source. All it takes is clicking on the Traffic Sources tab from your account dashboard, selecting New Template, and adding the appropriate information to get started.

BeMob gives its users the power to personalize and customize any advertisement for mobile ads with a variety of templates. You can access these from your account dashboard by clicking on “Traffic Sources”, then selecting “New Template”.

BeMob is an ad-based platform that allows you to create personalized advertisements at will. From your account’s dashboard, click on Traffic Source > New Template in order to get started!

4. Bot Blacklisting feature

Be sure to blacklist bot traffic on the BeMob platform. The automatically-generated reports can help you separate bot impressions, bot visits, and clicks from unique ones as well!

However, it’s hard to identify if a user is human or not because some bots have been designed in such a way that they may be bypassing the automatic blacklisted feature of our system.

Thankfully we offer an additional Manual Blacklist tool for blocking suspected users manually too!

5. The split testing

BeMob allows you to carry out conversion and postback tests on your campaigns. To do so, create a new traffic source template for the specific ad sources that you want to test with.

Next, copy the postback URL from BeMob’s dashboard and paste it into your publisher account in order to install their tracking code which will allow them to access click IDs when people visit their site after clicking ads through the BeMob platform.

From there, go back over to BeMob where they have offers set up as well as templates ready-made for conversions or postbacks (or both). Enter these details by filling in the offer title – make sure this is descriptive of what type of campaign we’re testing.

How to start using BeMob?

Are you ready to explore with me how you can start using BeMob? Let’s dig and see where all these steps take up. Read on:

  • Start by visiting the BeMob website. Click here.

BeMob Review

  • As you visit the home page, on the top right corner, you will see the signup button. Click on that.


  • Now, fill in your details. But if you already have an account, you can simply sign up.

affiliate marketing

  • In the ‘Promo Code’ section, write down the coupon code if you have any. Otherwise, leave it blank.
  • Once you are done, just check the I’m not a robot button and click on the ‘Create Account’ button.

ad campaign

  • The next step is to go to your email and click on the confirmation link. In case you can’t find the link in the updates or promotions, go check out the spam.

bemob review

  • As soon as you click on the ‘Active My Account’ Button, you will be redirected to the page.
  • Select your preferred messenger, FaceBook, Skype, or Telegram. Mention your username on that app.
  • Select the currency too. But make sure you select the right one. Because you cannot change the currency once you are done with the registration.
  • Just fill in the details and click on the ‘Create account’ button.

bemob review

  • There comes another page. This is about recording your billing information. So, keep it authentic.

bemob review

  • This isn’t over. You gotta put in your card details too.
  • Later, you would be required to make the payment of $1 USD or any other currency you choose.
  • Done with the payment? Select the plan that you wanna work with.
  • If you are a beginner, you must go for the free plan to explore the tool further.

Bemob review

  • There you go, after all these details filling, you got your BeMob Dashboard.

Start your campaign and see how your ad campaign responds. Get the best data, create the strategies, and make more money.

The BeMob Pricing

The most significant thing about any tool depends upon how much does it costs. Right? So, when it comes to BeMob, you get the most reasonable pricing plans ever. Wanna see what am I talking about? Read on.


  • Basic – Free
  • Professional – $49 per month
  • Business – $249 per month
  • Enterprise – $499 per month

You can try Bemob features for free before you commit to a monthly subscription. Basic is the best option if you’re not too tech-savvy and want to take your time learning how things work. But it’s important that when are confident enough with what we offer here at BeMob that you upgrade from basic into Premium Plus!


In this BeMob review, we’ve shared a few of the key features that make it an excellent choice for your digital marketing campaign. From its free plan to the 100,000 events you can monitor each month with no extra charge, there is plenty here to love about this software.

If you need more convincing or want to find out how other marketers have been using BeMob in their own campaigns, be sure and read some of our customer reviews from people who are actually using the service today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is BeMob Tracker Free?

BeMob is the world's most innovative affiliate tracking software that helps you optimize your campaigns by filtering more than 15 parameters in order to offer an efficient, informative and free monthly plan.

What is BeMob?

BeMob is an ad tracking software that helps you optimize your campaigns from start to finish. BeMob's campaign analysis and reporting, conversion optimization tools give clients the data they need to get their digital marketing strategy in order.

Is BeMob safe?

BeMob is a new and innovative way to track your data. The company's cloud-hosted software makes it easy for you to keep everything private, secure, and efficient by storing all of the information in an encrypted location that eliminates any need for additional equipment or maintenance costs!

How do I track an ad?

In your campaign, you can create custom ads to target specific audiences. Track the performance of these ad campaigns with tracking and conversion data!

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