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Adsterra Review: The Best Ad Network for Publishers

Do you want to make money from your blog, or get ads for cheap? You might find Adsterra an ideal platform.

Adsterra has a special way of making money. You can earn money by sending traffic to ads. It is easy, and it works well.

In this review, I will look at the features and benefits of Adsterra. Especially for publishers who want to make the most money.

Let me begin by telling you what Adsterra is all about. 

Getting Into The Depths… 

adsterra homepage

Adsterra has an advertising network that can make money for you when people go to your website. You only need to copy and paste the link on your website.

In 2013, Adsterra launched a new platform. It has over 30,000 partners and covers more than 248 countries.

There are more than 1 billion impressions on Adsterra each day. 18K publishers and 12K advertisers make Adsterra a powerful ad network. Adsterra advertising platform has 20 filters and 100% fill rates. You also get prompt approval on your ads.

Ads are useful for people who want to advertise their business. They can reach many people at once.

Now that we have discussed the basics, let’s start making money with Adsterra.

Things You Need Before Getting An Approval From Adsterra

The following are the requirements for earning money from Adsterra

The Adsterra publishing platform requires a few things from you before you can get approved.

  • Sites without content are not eligible. Sites where there is no content are not eligible, too.
  • They do not approve websites with excessive advertising (e.g., sites with 15+ banners on a single page and 5+ pop-ups),
  • You can still make money if you write in a different language other than English.
  • Adsterra Network will accept websites with any number of visitors. It does not matter how many visitors you have on your website. They will help you grow more.
  • The quality of the people who come to your website is important. Adsterra Network will approve your website if it has good visitors.

Find out about Adsterra’s amazing features by reading on. 

Top-Notch Features Of Adsterra

adsterra review publisher platform affnext

Let’s discuss the top features of Adsterra:

The Three-Tier Security

Adsterra will stop fraud. They have in-house systems, third-party solutions, and humans who look for fraud. That makes sure you can trust us with your money.

Self-Serve Platform

Advertisers can use the Adsterra platform to work on their own. You can use it to launch campaigns quickly.

It is also easy to track statistics, generate ad codes and change settings. You can also blacklist locations to avoid unwanted traffic.

Partner Care

Adsterra assigns a person to help you sell your ads. The person will help you succeed. They will respond quickly and they are good at designing creatives.

Various Ad Formats

Your app or website will earn you sustainable revenue when you use various ad formats. These are Popunder ads, Social Bar, Push and Video Ads, and Native and Banner Ads.

Flexible payment options

They offer a variety of payment options to match your requirements. There are several payment options, including Bitcoin, WebMoney, Paxum, and Wire Transfer.

AdBlock Resistant

Adsterra has an in-house solution for adblockers. It has an anti-Adblock technology that help publishers make more money.

When people use adblocker, they do not see ads often. If your ads appear to such users, it gets more clicks. Eventually, you earn more money.

Let’s get into the types of advertisements that Adsterra offers.

Adsterra 100


Ads can reach out to a wide audience base through this technique. It can be very useful for people who are interested in advertising.

  • Ads
  • Payments
  • Trust
  • Offers

Types Of Ads Offered By Adsterra

Adsterra offers six ad formats for its users to choose from. These formats are:

  1. Popunder
  2. Social Bar
  3. Native Ads
  4. Banners
  5. Push Ads
  6. Video Ads


Several advertisers run CPA and CPM campaigns for popunders that have incredible CTRs. It results in ever-rising Returns on Investment.

Publishers are using the popunder format for boosting revenue. Full-screen ad appear in a separate tab or windows of your browser. It remains hidden behind the main window.

With this format, you can expect the best responsiveness. Popunder ads give great results for crypto and binary advertising campaigns. You can also run utility software, e-commerce, gambling or dating advertising using popunder. Sweepstakes offers work best with popunder ads.

→ Benefits For Advertisers

  1. Impressive ROI ad.
  2. The intuitive retargeting pixel is a way to find people who have already seen your ads. You might not need to spend money on ads, and you can get most of the people.
  3. Adsterra’s platform gives you access to unique traffic. Also, you can advertise your campaign in countries with high traffic density.

→ Benefits For Publishers

  1. It’s a good deal for publishers.
  2. There is no extra space required on the website since it’s in UX-Friendly format.
  3. There is a very high fill rate for it, as well as the offers.

Social Bar

Ads have always been limited by the limitations of a classic ad, but this format enables completely customized ads. As a result, it delivers unparalleled returns on investment due to its native and interactive nature. In this format, there is no opt-in requirement and the revenue is drastically increased. Advertisers can enjoy greater CTR as compared to the web push ads, while publishers can obtain high CPMs. Social Bar can be used for producing the creatives in various forms like icons, messengers, video teasers, chats, notifications, in-page pushes, interstitials as well as custom banners of the configuration of your choice.

Examples of Social bar

→ Benefits For Advertisers

  1. A 20-30-fold increase in click-through rate.
  2. 100 percent unique traffic and no ad blocker issues.
  3. Includes five interactive formats that can be completely customized – viz. Activation-boosting changes, native notifications, multimedia, data collection, and social media elements. 
  4. The test campaigns covered a large audience and had about 15 creatives.

→ Benefits For Publishers

  1. Revenue increases
  2. User-friendly and completely browser-compatible.
  3. The installation is quick and easy.
  4. Convenient format with user-friendliness.
  5. AdSterra puts the dynamic iFrames into use which helps to ensure that the content on your website does not get blocked. The dynamic iFrames in the Adsterra creatives allows the users on your website to click on the ads, expand or collapse them while they are navigating through the site as well as soak up the content. 

→ Launching The Social Bar Campaign For Advertisers

  1. Become an advertiser by registering or signing in
  2. Select Social Bar from the Create Campaign menu.
  3. Then download the creatives and target them.
  4. You are now prepared to discover high-quality traffic. 

→ Launching The Social Bar Campaign For Publishers

  1. Become a publisher by signing up here.
  2. Your website’s category can be selected here.
  3. Choosing a social bar format and clicking the add button will allow you to do so.
  4. The code you need to place on your web page will be emailed to you once you have received approval. 

Native Ads

The CPA, CPM, and CPC native ads advertising campaigns run by Adsterra are highly effective, AdBlock-resistant, and cost-effective. Both mobile as well as web-based native banners can integrate well with content and could result in an approximately eight-fold increase in click-through rates over traditional display advertisements. 

Native ads are essential for promoting the content on a website that is relevant to the interest of the users. In addition to being a crucial element of the content, they are also relevant to your audience, without being invasive. Also, it has immunity against AdBlockers, which means that customers can use any browser with it. Publishers can make a lot of money by using native banners because they are highly trusted by audiences and generate enormous amounts of traffic. Ideal for verticals like software, utilities, apps, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies, finance, health, wellness, education, and business.

→ Benefits For Advertisers

  1. Relevance of advertisements boosts Return On Investment. With mobile and web-native ads, users are shown ads related to their interests, which means conversions are doubled.
  2. Ad exposure in 248 GEOs and a weekly impression rate of more than 1 Billion. 
  3. To get started, a bid of $0.001 is required.
  4. A single campaign can offer up to 15 creatives.

→ Benefits For Publishers

  1. Both clickability and viewability are exceptional.
  2. CPM increases when ads are relevant.
  3. Mobile and desktop users alike will find it useful.
  4. Ads that are unwanted and intrusive are effectively filtered by intelligent and intuitive filters. 


Advertising with banner ads online is one of the oldest advertising formats, which is capable of delivering amazing results. Publishers gain access to almost 100 percent fill rates as well as higher payouts from advertisers who can gain access to a reliable source of traffic coming from around 18k publishers. Ads on banners can be used to generate leads and sign-ups, boosting app downloads, and promoting brand awareness. As a result, more website visits and higher rankings are obtained. 

In addition to increasing the view count on your videos, Banner ads can help you gain new subscribers. The traffic that results from affiliate marketing is refreshed, new users are gained, and profits are maximized. Crypto and Binary, Ecommerce (sales), Online Dating, Betting, Gaming, and Software and Utilities are just some of the verticals banner advertising works best for. 

→ Benefits For Advertisers

  1. With banners, one can reach a large audience and have any and every target parameter. They are affordable on all tiers. The ROI and costs can be perfectly balanced.
  2. This leads to a better return on investment since the retargeting pixels can return up to 80% of visitors.
  3. You can ensure that your offers will receive top-tier traffic by its AI algorithm.

→ Benefits For Publishers

  1. It can be used on any website, such as Blogger and WordPress.
  2. Because of the high CPMs, the traffic comes from proven advertisers and publishers get a good payout even with the smaller bids.
  3. Mobile compatibility is also included.
  4. You get a stable and great fill rate as your placements don’t remain blank when there are over 20K campaigns on-air simultaneously.

Push Ads

Users get Push Ads from advertisers when they subscribe to a service. Despite browser and operating systems differences, Adsterra’s push ads run on all of them. Custom advertisements can be designed or you can use pre-built, animated templates that convert well for you.

Video Ads

A video ad will appear before the main content in the video ad format. Adsterra either hosts videos or uses VAST/VPAID tags. The videos can add visual impact to game/movie trailers, brand videos, gambling videos, etc.

Next, we discuss the steps involved in signing up.

How To Sign-Up as a Publisher?

Step 1: Click the Sign Up button in the upper right corner.

Step 2: To continue, you must enter your name and email address and click the Continue button.

Step 3: The following page will direct you to a signup box where you can enter your details.

complete registration as publisher

Step 4: The email you receive will notify you when you have completed the registration process.

Step 5: After that, you can access your Publisher Dashboard.

add website in adsterra

Step 6: The next step in the process is to add the website to the Publisher Dashboard, fill out the details, and then select the category. Hit the add button when you are done. A few minutes might pass before the approval is granted.

Step 7: The advertising code can be downloaded as well as applied to the website once approval has been given. Additionally, you can see here the ad unit name, placement ID, and status of the placement. You need to add the HTML script to the website’s body tag.

We will now discuss the Adsterra payment options in the next section. 

Payment Options

In the following table, you will get a detailed idea about the payment options offered by Adsterra. 

PaymentsMinimum PayoutCurrencyFee
Paypal$100USD2 to 5% of Payout Sum
WebMoney$5USD1% of Payout Sum
Wire Transfer$1000USD/EUR$50 for USD $0 for EUR
Bitcoin$100BitcoinNetwork Fee
Tether$100USD (T)2% of Payout Sum


  • It is the best alternative to Google Adsense
  • Your website traffic can be monetized via desktop and mobile ads (increase your revenue opportunities).
  • Ads display are varied, including display banners, pop-unders, interstitials, text ads, and slider ads.
  • It is also possible to monetize popular Facebook pages (which has high traffic) unlike AdSense.
  • In addition to Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, and Paxum, Adsterra accepts a variety of payment methods
  • Webmoney and Paxum have really low minimum payouts: only $5 for each
  • As far as traffic volume is concerned, Adsterra has no limitations. For Adsterra Network to approve your website, the quality of your traffic is the most important factor
  • Adsterra lets advertisers reach a wider audience with the most effective ad formats while keeping their budgets low, and their retargeting feature helps advertisers reach more customers in their industry.


  • Despite their other types of ads, it is not the best network for anything besides pop-under advertising

Wrapping It Up

The ad network Adsterra is one that we consider good for middle-to-high-range campaigns. The payment thresholds and traffic requirements make it not suitable for brand new publishers or small publishers. On the other hand, they tend to perform poorly once your audience iss.

The ideal scenario is to combine Adsterra with a display ad network. Using Adsterra pop-unders is a good idea, but once their effectiveness becomes negligible, you should stop using them. Adsterra is a good option until your site can directly sell advertising at premium rates and you can drop other ad networks entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Does Adsterra Offer A Referral Program?

There is a referral program offered by Adsterra that is easy to use, transparent, and rewarding. By using display ads, blogs, social networks, and other channels, the platform allows you to invite referrals. You can earn about 5 percent of their revenue through this program, which will last for your entire life.

Q.2. What Ad Formats Does Adsterra Offer?

Adsterra offers a total of six ad formats, including Popunders, Social Bars, Push Ads, Native Ads, and Video Ads.

Q.3. Does Adsterra Offer A Personal Manager?

Adsterra offers a personal manager to all customers who fill out a ticket on the Support Page. Select the “Request Manager” ticket type there. 

Q.4. How do I start using Adsterra to earn money from my site?

To begin, you must become a publisher here. The status of your account usually takes up to 48 hours to be known. Adverts bid for impressions if they want to become advertisers. This link allows advertisers to receive a free consultation.

Q.5. What’s the minimum payout limit of Adsterra?

Adsterra has a wide range of payment options and you can get paid every two weeks. The minimum payout for Webmoney and Paxum is only $5

Q.6. How good is Adsterra customer support?

Whenever you need assistance with Adsterra, you can contact your personal account manager through the contact details in your login account along with his business email address. To resolve issues related to your account, you can also create a ticket.